Volume 1 – Issue 1


We can hear the flapping of our fledgling – the first edition of the newsletter – is afloat to reach you. The first issue brings out a mixed bag of reading – articles as well as snippets.

We celebrate the subtler shades of sustainability in our articles. These articles encapsulate the various ramifications of sustainability and strive  to perceive the meaning through the lens of biology, literature, and philosophy. The short and succinct snippets will take you to a mesmerizing journey adorned with various facets of art and culture entangled with our living forms.

We await your response, so please do not forget to write us back. It will re-energize us for the next issue in June.




The real life colourful tapestry of ecological sustainability and conservation

Sustainability, a widely used term in socio-political and environmental atmosphere, carries a long history of debate, a tryst with acceptance and decline since its inception. The general meaning of sustainability is “meeting our requirements without compromising the requirement for future”. There exists a plurality of definitions for sustainability but the idea became popular after the publication of Brundtland Report “Our Common Future” in 1987 and prioritized in First Earth Summit in Rio in 1992. As…

Scribbles on agro-biodiversity, culture and sustainability

Agriculture has been central to any great civilization, but the antiquity of plant-based subsistence is even more ancient. Right from the days of hunting and gathering, humans had become contingent of plant produce, be it fruits, nuts, tubers, roots, or grains1,2. Even before the initiation of organized agriculture, many cultural groups were employing plant resource in order to accomplish low-level food production. This long-term entanglement between humans and plants made possible various close encounters with…

Indebtedness: A way to read ‘Sustainability’

I think I first came across with the word sustainability in a Bengali science magazine meant for the teenagers. It was the first half of nineties.  India was gearing itself for another word-Globalization. The naivety of the tender age  made me believe that the word sustainability falls into the domain of science.  The absence of any kind of serious discussion on sustainability in the everyday living of middle-class Bengali family, I vaguely understood that scientists,like…