Dr. Avik Ray is a researcher working at the intersection of evolutionary biology, genetics, agriculture, food, and cultural anthropology. He is keen to understand the traditional agro-ecological practices and their role in agro-biodiversity management and conservation as well as to apply evolutionary theories to address agricultural issues. Besides, he is also interested in agricultural  history, natural and cultural history, and archaeology.

Research coordinator

Dr. Rajasri Ray is a researcher in ecology and biodiversity. Her research interest covers sacred grove ecology and ecosystem services, species distribution modeling and functional aspects of biodiversity. Her current research includes functional characterization of sacred groves in a modified landscape, historical aspects of biodiversity dynamics, and species and habitat conservation planning and management.


Education and outreach coordinator

Sudehshna Dutta has a background in comparative literature and is currently working as a JU-SYLFF doctoral fellow in the Comparative Literature department of Jadavpur University. Her research focuses on the Oral narratives of Adivasi women who took part in the resistance movements against development-induced displacements. Jharkhand is the place where Sudeshna did most of her field works. This research tries to understand Adivasi resistance movement as the imperative way of looking at life; a ‘Darshan’. This ‘Darshan’ is intrinsically connected with a practice of caring for other and sharing the knowledge. It is a way of extending the periphery of subjective world. This project, in turn, has made Sudehshna inquisitive about the theories of connection and cooperation and the relation between them.

Marketing and fund-raising executive

Rakesh Mitra is a marketing executive with more than a decade of multi-industry experience in marketing and branding coupled with a technology-driven approach to comprehend the interplay between societal changes & marketing. His perpetuating quest is to gain an understanding of sensory marketing, neuro-marketing, religious branding, and combining sharp analysis with small data and contextual branding. He is also interested in human culture and its implication in marketing.