Sreevidya EA

Sreevidya has completed her M. Sc in environmental management from Tamil Nadu Agricultural University (TNAU). She has recently submitted her Ph.D. thesis on functional and conservation aspects of sacred groves of Palakkad district, Kerala in Bharathiar University, Tamil Nadu. She is interested to study traditional aspects of nature conservation practices in light of logical and empirical validation. Her work includes participatory field survey, documentation, stakeholder discussion, data analysis, and field implementation. Currently, she is working on functional and livelihood aspects of sacred groves in the rural landscapes.

Abhra Chakrabarti

Abhra has a degree in zoology and works at Fisheries Department, Government of West Bengal as Fishery Extension Officer. He is associated with people’s science movement since his student life. Presently he is also associated with indigenous rice landrace conservation in a farm named RICHHARIA CONSERVATION CENTRE at Aushgram, Bardhaman, West Bengal and conserving more than 400 indigenous rice landraces. His broad research interest includes biodiversity, food security, traditional wisdom, organic farming, and agro-economics.